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Super-limited Pro dubbed cassette. Edition of 60. Handstamped and numbered. Act fast!!!

Each tape comes with unique cover, a page from 1944 Portuguese body exercises book.

A summer recording session, conceived as a dadaist collage sound experiment and edited in the traditional apulian cooking style.

Efisio Biancofiore: Potatoes, handmade metal & wood instruments, reed objects.
Pino Montecalvo: Rice, keyboard, bass, plastic bone, some toys and voice.
Valentina Magaletti: Mussels, drums, percussion, magnetic sources.
Thanks to Gianluca Ranieri for his saxophone fragments.

File under:
Marching noise, Southern Italian folklore, Concrete summer disco,
Flag wavers music for beginners, Assorted and distrupted.

Sold out!

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