Kosmose – Vol. 2 – A Sonic Slice Of Time CS


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The KOSMOSE Vol.2 – « A Sonic Slice of Time » (C-90) is as the title suggests, a real slice of time, a long track of 83 minutes which shows how the group worked, going from an improvisation to another with subtle transitions (thanks to the length of the tape … most of the rehearsals were cut by the end of the tape!), in full stereo and vintage sound.

The track was recorded by Alain Neffe (while playing) in December 1976 in Francis Pourcel’s attic. A 2-track SONY TC 630 reel to reel tape recoeder and two SONY microphones were used. As usual, the music was mixed directly on the amplifiers (no mixing desk).

Remastered in 2021 by Alain Neffe

Each cassette (C-90) is a limited edition ( 60 copies) on true vintage cassettes, each one is unique !!!

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